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Like many people I have struggled with my weight and dieting for most of my adult life. When my doctor suggested I consider bariatric surgery, I knew it was time to get serious. So I spent the next couple years researching weight loss options. You can read about my exciting surgery-free weight loss results and what I found in my research in my book HCG Diet Options, Choosing Your Own Protocol. Even if the HCG diet isn’t right for you I have been able to find weight loss supplements to help with any diet you choose.

Lara Plogman
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Curve Bee Pollen

Awesome fat burner

Skinny Elite

Great for people with metabolism issues.

Elite Diet Drops

Use with very low calorie diets without being hungry.

Keto Incinerate

Weight Loss Supplement

Keto Reset

Your solution when your having electrolyte imbalance, digestive issues and Keto flu.

Keto Elite Collagen

Improve your skin and elasticity while supporting your bones and joints.

Keto Elite MCT Oil

Keto Elite MCT Oil Powder contains pure MCTs to support mental clarity and metabolic function.

Keto Elite Protein

All of what you need, none of what you don’t!

Elite Shreds Max

Awesome fat burner / no detox

Elite Boost

Eliminate toxins

Sizzle Me Skinny

All around good product

Skinny Bee Xtreme

Appetite control and energy

Slim Trim Elite

Appetite suppressant formula for full body weight loss.

Weight Loss Kit #1

HCG kit with all supplies:

  • 1 Vial OVIDAC Premium Quality HCG 5000iu Strength
  • 1 Bottle 10ML Bacteriostatic Water
  • 30 Daily Injection Needles
  • 30 Alcohol Wipes
  • 1 Big Mixing Syringe with Needle
  • 1 Glass storage vial

Genuine Super B12 M.I.C Lipotropic Fat Burner Injections

  • Suppresses Appetite Naturally
  • Increases Energy,
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Accelerates Fat Loss!
  • Improves Mood & Feeling of  Well-being
  • Works well with any diet. Low carb is recommended.
Elite Weight Loss Products


Trina H.

My highest was 236.8 and my lowest was 142.  It’s a struggle to maintain so I do touch up rounds periodically just because I do well when I’m told what I can eat, but once I’m on my own I struggle with eating right. Trying to make it a lifestyle change instead of dieting. Our struggle is real!

It took me three long rounds to get to 175/180 (6 months), but I later did additional rounds because I continued to change my goals. So that would of been about two additional rounds. I honestly love to advocate for this diet because it can be life changing and because it really WORKS!!! I look at my old pictures  and all though I knew I was overweight and really uncomfortable, I didn’t realize I was that obese. I’ll never go back. I’ll make it a lifestyle change because I’m finally happy with myself and comfortable in my own skin.

Veronica C.

Growing up I always struggled with being overweight. At the age of 17 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I continued to struggle even on synthroid and armour thyroid. After failed diets I tried Weight Watchers and lost about 45  pounds. Shortly after I became pregnant with my first child at 35 I gained that weight back plus an additional 25 lbs.

I started feeling depressed and I did not want my son to grow up being embarrassed that his mom could not be active with him so I decided to contact a clinic about weight loss surgery. They informed me that the insurance wouldn’t cover the cost. I did more research and found out about the Dr. Simeons HCG diet. In 2011 I started 2 rounds of injections then took a break and started another 2 rounds of HCG drops. The journey was all about dedicating myself to a healthier lifestyle not just for me but for my son. I started at 315 lbs and lost a total of 117 and finished weighing 197. I went from size 26-28 to 14-16. I could not be any happier with the program and I am still maintaining my weight loss. I am no longer on medications and I am able to walk, run and be active with my son. So just remember that the one day you feel like giving up is the one day you’re closer to reaching your goal.

Mary Jo R.

I was the biggest I had ever been. 51yrs old, going through menopause, tried all my old tricks to diet nothing worked. A friend at work started taking HCG homeopathic drops and read HCG 2.0…she let me read it. I said what the heck, I’ll try anything right now.  Did my first round 1 year ago.  Lost 18lbs. Took 3 weeks off (followed P3) and did another round… lost another 18lbs. From June until February I exercised and followed a low carb diet,  maintained within five pounds.  This is my 3rd round,  I’m on day 20/45…down 9.5lbs so far. I feel so much better and have control over my weight again,  and I have really learned how to eat right that works for me.

Mary P.

One round and a 25 pound loss.

Becky W.

Becky went from 249.9 down to 190.6 pounds in three rounds!!!!
These are results from her second round.

Lara Plogman

HCG Diet Options

The hCG diet has evolved from Dr. Simeons original protocol. You no longer need to suffer with the hunger and limited food choices of the original protocol. You have options that will give you as good or better results. Now there are multiple versions of the hCG diet. In this book we compare the original protocol, 2.0 protocol, 3.0 protocol and rogue dieting. Once you know the facts, you can choose which protocol will be right for you. This book is for both beginners and novice dieters. We have included information on the role of ketosis in the hCG diet, ways to stay on protocol while traveling or eating out, how to safely navigate your way through phase three, answer your questions about alcohol in the diet, and more.

Weight Loss


A Man’s View: Getting to Ketosis

Getting to Ketosis on an hCG diet. Let’s face it. An hCG diet is a ketosis diet. So let me explain what ketosis is. Ketosis is when your body is fueled mainly from fats rather than calories, that is called ketosis. This is a normal state for your body to be in while...

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Breaking Up With Sugar

This week my husband posted something on Facebook about breaking up with sugar. The day he posted it he had just started day one of loading for his next round on hCG. So, when we went shopping for things for him to eat on his loading days I walked past the candy...

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A Man’s View: High School Weight

When I graduated from Stephen T. Badin High School in Hamilton, Ohio and joined the US Army in 1981 I weighed 180 pounds. I could run a marathon and did a couple of times. I could also do over 70 push-ups in 2 minutes and 70 sit-ups in 2 minutes. Then I went to...

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What is Ketosis?

One of the things I discuss in my 45 day challenge is ketosis. This is such an important subject as to why the HCG diet is structured the way it is, that I wanted to share the information on a blog post. What is ketosis? When your body is fueled mainly from fats...

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Who was Dr. ATW Simeons?

As you probably know, Dr. ATW Simeons was the British endocrinologist who developed the HCG diet. However, it helpful to know more about the credibility of the man who has helped so many of us achieve our weight loss goals. Dr. Simeons was born in 1900 in London, and...

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