This week my husband posted something on Facebook about breaking up with sugar. The day he posted it he had just started day one of loading for his next round on hCG. So, when we went shopping for things for him to eat on his loading days I walked past the candy section of our grocery store and spotted an old favorite of mine, a Milky Way candy bar. I figured one candy bar couldn’t hurt because I was on my fifth week in phase three and doing well to maintain. So that evening while he was eating every fattening thing he could find, I ate my candy bar with an overwhelming feeling of doom and gloom. I wanted it to taste like the sugary sweet goodness I had remembered from before I started dieting, but I was incredibly disappointed. What I got instead was the taste of wax and sugar. After my second bite, I began getting angrier and angrier with myself that I wasted all these carbs and calories on something so nasty.

Within 20 minutes of finishing the candy bar my stomach began cramping and I eventually found myself running for the toilet. I was once again reminded that for me sugar is in bed with the devil himself. Before I began my hCG journey there was always the question somewhere in the back of my mind as to where I would find my next sugar fix. It wasn’t uncommon for me to stop at Krispy Kreme to get donuts for lunch or eat two candy bars and count that as a meal. This was after my breakfast of two Pop Tarts and a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. And every evening consisted of ice cream and sugary snacks.

As I sat in the bathroom cursing the Milky Way, the headache started, and I knew. Sugar is as addictive for me as crack cocaine is for a drug addict. It should be illegal in my world, and even though it will always be my kryptonite I now get to associate it with that waxy candy bar. I hope that every time I am tempted for more than one bite of a dessert that I think about how much I was hating the way I felt that night and how I had wasted my calories and carbs on something so empty of nutrition. And in hindsight I probably would have fared better by eating a candle.

For my husband, carbs are his kryptonite. And while I don’t struggle with the carbs as much as he does, I have grown more aware of hidden carbs that I would have never thought about before I started my hCG journey. I don’t buy any food at the market anymore without reading labels. I have lost almost 80 pounds with hCG, but even if I hadn’t, my body would be still be responding better just because of how much healthier we are eating. We are consuming as much food as we did before the diet, but with far less calories, carbs, sugar and processed foods.  And our bodies are rewarding us by feeling younger and more energetic.

One a more important side note, my husband’s weight loss literally helped save his life this week. Watch for his upcoming blog about that.

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